Month: July 2014

Russians, BTRs and thin grey lines – a brief analysis.

Some time yesterday, a Russian border guard uploaded several images to his instagram account allegedly depicting a BTR-82A and a BTR-80 stationed by the Ukrainian border causing a stir in the pro-Ukrainian community, claiming the pictures depict armored vehicles crossing into Ukrainian territory.

Russian BTR-80
Source: @StateOfUkraine

Russian BTR-82A
Source: @StateOfUkraine

Comparing the two border stations, it’s fairly evident that the two vehicles were on the Russian side of the border. For comparison:
Ukrainian side:

Russian side:

the two vehicles are believed to be situated under the half roofs of the main building in the background.
The Russian border station matches in paint scheme, window types and the blue module sticking out of the main part of the building.

Note that the BTR-82A in second the picture has its crew hatch open, suggesting that it’s either dismounted or not intending to move any time soon.
This isn’t to say that Russian armored vehicles have not penetrated into Ukrainian territory as suggested by the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, this is simply to say that there is no evidence to back up the claims in these pictures or in any other I have seen up until this point.