The state of Ukraine

Last update: 17/12/17

This is where you’ll find the latest map updates for the conflict in Ukraine.
Every update will come with a change log.

UPDATE 17/12/17
I will henceforth be using a more detailed map that I have been working on for the past couple of months.


  • Added defensive positions in accordance with the Svitlodarsk Bulge


  • Minor revision around Lozove


  • Several changes made to lines of defense around the Donetsk city area. Most notable change is the situation regarding Verkhn’oterets’ke which was previously incorrect.


  • changes made according to Twitter account @loogunda:

    UAF seizes the rest of Shyrokyne, the industrial area near Yasynutava fork, the high ground near Zaytseve and the high ground near Dokuchaevsk.


  • 08:17 GMT – According to Azov sources, DPR armed forces have moved into Kominternove, previously a neutral zone. Fighting ensues.


  • 08:17 GMT – According to Azov sources, DPR armed forces have moved into Kominternove, previously a neutral zone. Fighting ensues.


  • Corrected area around Mariinka and added an arrow to denote the NAF advance in that direction.


  • Updated to fit current situation, minor changes at Pisky & Shyrokyne. Debaltseve pocket positions removed.


  • 12:55 GMT – * It was bound to happen edition *
    Massive retreat from Debaltseve, parts of Shyrokyne lost since last update.
    10/10 cease fire /s


  • 11:23 GMT – Major Russian backed offensives on Debaltseve, supposedly from several directions. According to Semenchenko the NAF is moving in on Luhanske. 


  • 23:09 GMT – In the Debaltseve boiler, Krasny Pahar has fallen – there are two but I’m not sure which one so I just went with the one inside the boiler which was expected to have fallen in the first place but now it’s official. More notably Kamenka has fallen on the eastern flank of the boiler which was expected to happen sooner or later. On the southern front the Russian backed NAF has sent in reinforcements to repel the already halted Ukrainian assault. No Su-25s have been spotted, neither flying nor crashed. 


  • 19:47 GMT – Azov and other smaller fighting units such as St. Marie may or may not have fallen back to their orignial positions, the earliest report of this claimed that it was a move in accordance with the Minsk agreement, later it was claimed that they were overpowered by Russian forces and now people are acting like they’re still there. It’s also entirely possible that it was a strategic move in fear of a Russian assault on Mariupol’ now that a great deal of forces stationed in the area have left to fight further east.
    All is foggy on the southern front.  
  • 08:06 GMT – Azov is leading an offensive on the southern front by Mariopol, Shyrokyne has supposedly been overrun and Kominternovo is in Ukrainian control now also. 


  • 18:38 GMT – Boiler definitely sealed, Ukrainian counter attacks have been fended off. Chornukhyne has fallen on the eastern flank. In the west of the boiler the Ukrainians have fallen back to Bulavyns’ke and savelivka. 
  • 13:38 GMT – Logvinovo has almost certainly fallen to NAF forces, leaving the Debaltseve boiler effectively closed. 


  • 18:09 GMT – Ridgodub has apparently fallen to NAF forces, although small, the town has a train station. That being said, it’s useless without the rest of the stations of the Debaltseve boiler. 


  • 22:40 GMT – Due to recent events, Novohryhorivka has been put under fog of war, more analysis to follow. 


  • 21:10 GMT – unsure of how many different ways I can write “nothing happened”. No changes made to the map by NAF tanks got BTFO by Debaltseve and Uglegorsk.


  • 23:30 GMT – Uglegorsk returns to contested status due to overwhelming evidence in favor of this conclusion. Several other maps claim Novorussian positions to skirt the M03 on the eastern side but until any evidence supporting this shows up I’m leaving the front line further back. Most Novorossian videos from that area (which I have seen) have been of entrenched NAF positions, further supporting my assertion. 


  • 23:10 GMT – No changes made. Shelling has been carried out in Mariupol’ again and in several other towns but no significant territorial gains have been made by either side. Isa Munayev confirmed KIA around Debaltseve. 


  • 16:00 GMT – Krasniy Pahar may or may not have fallen, online hysteria suggests that it has but evidence has yet to rear its ugly head. In any case it’s safe to assume that an NAF offensive in that direction is underway. Novohorivka is supposedly under NAF control, making up part of the NAF western front towards Debaltseve. Kalyvnika may have been taken by NAF but due to speculation and lack of evidence the town has been categorized as fog of war. Oleksandrivs’ke is being reported on some other maps as NAF controlled however a lack of evidence combined with common sense would dictate that the NAF won’t concern itself with the southern end of the pocket any more than necessary. An arrow has been added to mark fighting in Adviivka, this will most likely blow over sooner or later. Apparently Nikishyne has fallen to NAF but no changes have been made to the map seeing as it wasn’t considered as UA territory in the first place. 


  • 20:27 GMT – Uglegorsk has fallen, NAF moves closer to Debalseve. Reports during the day of the Debaltseve being completely encircled were later debunked. UA staged a counterattack on Uglegorsk in the afternoon which was later repelled, leaving the town decisively fallen to NAF. Today and yesterday have been characterized by a larger than usual amount of RF regulars. 


  • 18:07 GMT – Minor changes made to Debaltseve pocket, the map doesn’t quite give justice to how dire the situation truly is. Ukrainian forces may have been completely expelled from Uglegorsk but it’s difficult to tell at this point. Territory colored in green now signifies ground of uncertain status. 


  • 21:34 GMT – Changes and corrections have been made in the general Debaltseve area, Krasnyi Partizan and Toitske put under half NAF control due to conflicting information on who holds the towns. NAF defensive lines added although dubious in their authenticity – will be subject to change as time progresses. More arrows added in south and west of the Debaltseve pocket and one for the fighting going on at Marinka. Uglegorsk put as contested due to the ongoing battle. 


  • 19:39 GMT – Map completely reworked and relatively up to date, more detail will come in the next couple of days, embedding has been added.


  • 11:20 GMT – added Marinka and Kurakhove to Novorossiya territory, arrow to illustrate that push. Bezimenne also added to Novorossiya territory. Two UA enclaves have also been added within DNR territory.
  • 09:30 GMT – Vasylivka and Starobesheve now considered DNR territory, Ukrainian held Starolaspa has been marked and arrows pointing to it have been added to illustrate the Novorossian pincer advancing towards it. UA reinforcement arrow towards Novotroits’ke has been deleted until any evidence of such an action presents itself. Mar’inka has been added as Ukrainian territory to better mark the front line. Slov’yanoserbs’k of Luhansk has been marked contested for now, arrow added to illustrate the northern push. Novorossian territory has been adjusted to fit recently captured territory.
    credit for  a large portion of this update goes to @on twitter


  • 22:30 GMT – changed Komsomols’ke and Novotroits’ke to DNR territory, and added a contested by the towns south-west of Komsomols’ke. Novorossian territory has been altered to roughly fit these changes.
  • 12:15 GMT – added an arrow to illustrate the ATO retreat at Luhansk airport, changed the airport and nearby town to Novorossiya controlled. 


  • 21:15 GMT – added an arrow for the ongoing Donetsk airport offensive, listed both airports as contested until any news stating otherwise emerges.
  • 20:30 GMT – added an arrow for the ongoing Luhansk airport offensive
  • 15:20 GMT – at least four T-64BVs have been captured by seperatist forces in Starobesheve, the town is still considered contested. The map remains unchanged for now. 
  • 12:00 GMT – changed Starobesheve to contested and cropped DNR territory to fit it.


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